I specialize in “impossible” tasks. If your development project grinds to a halt, consider contacting me. Or better yet contact me before starting, and I’ll help you with the software architecture.


As an example, I was amongst the first (*) to create an application loader for AutoCAD LT (try a google newsgroup search for “ltad2on”). When AutoCAD LT 2004 arrived, my loader ported within hours. The competition arrived months later.


I have a master of science degree in engineering physics, a very strong mathematical background. I’ve been programming in C++ since 1991 and using ObjectARX since 1996. I continually evolve in areas such as patterns, C++ generics and computer graphics.


Check out my tech-transfer program: the source code for Streamspace Solids and hvUnlight is available!


Henrik Vallgren

Phone: +46704326499


(*) An italian group had a solution at the same time. I don’t know what they did, but a rumor claimed that they decided to shut down development after a visit from Autodesk.