For fun and style


Create the carpet of your dream


For AutoCAD users


upFront.eZine:   Great source for CAD news!

Tenlinks            CAD related news and products

Dean Saadallah  LT utilities

Object DCL        Fantastic LISP compilation and translation tools


For software developers, mostly C++


Association for Computing Machinery The digital library is highly recommended.


The Boost library - amazing in functionality and free. If people tell you that C++ is dead ask them about boost. Heavily used in Streamspace Design!


Andrei Alexandrescu, author of Modern C++ Design read it! A top C++ guru in my opinion.


Herb Sutters home page - checkout the conversation column! His books: Exceptional C++ and More Exceptional C++ are highly recommended. I try to read most of his writings.


Indepth about Visual C++, Under the Hood by John Gray