Streamspace Solids


You can edit any 2D geometry using grips. Why not 3D geometry? If you extrude a polyline, wouldn’t it be great to edit the solid using the similar grips? Well – why don’t you?

To enable this, custom entities are created. You may, on full AutoCAD, convert your solids to standard AutoCAD non-grippable solids.


Streamspace Solids support many of the common 3D solid generation available in AutoCAD.

Apart from standard entities, Streamspace Solids allows:


- Stretch-modification of 3D models.

- Runs on AutoCAD LT 2000, 2000i, 2002 and 2004 or full AutoCAD.

- If you run it on the full version of AutoCAD, you can convert your work to standard ACIS

  objects. This includes any models created on AutoCAD LT.


Checkout the toolbar help!


Version history


Update Dec. 13th, 2004:

- Added DXF data capabilities


Update May 29th, 2004:

- New command: replace sketch for extrutions/revolutions

- New command: copy, replace sketch for extrutions/revolutions

- Icons for the Feature Tree


Update May 23rd, 2004:

- New command, property, adds visual property editing capabilites.

- New command, feature tree, allows editing of subentities.

- Others, like bend graphics installation


Update May 9th, 2004:

- Improved command: extrude and revolve now support sketches from objects

- Extended API functions


Update April 29th, 2004:

- New command, objectplane, creates a plane on the sketches

- New command, objectmate, aligns objects with each other.

- Improved copysketch command


Update April 5th, 2004:

- New command: copysketch allows you to copy selected surfaces on boxes, cones, cylinders

  wedges and extruded or revolved solids.

- New object type: pipe type of bend.

- Improved grips for spheres, boxes, wedges and cylinders.


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