Technology Transfers

These offerings are intended for developers that want access to hvUnlight or Streamspace Solids source codes. They are a one time purchase of the current releases.


Included is the right to publish software based on these without royalty. The right to distribute the source codes are not included.


Streamspace reserves the right to deny sales of these sources. All sales are final.



Is an application loader for AutoCAD LT. While other providers are target for legal actions from Autodesk, the hvUnlight method has been rated as not even questionable.


Some C++ developers will be given new insights as to the power of their chosen language.


The price for the hvUnlight source code is $16 500.


Streamspace Solids

It started out as a simple 3D solution for AutoCAD LT. With the ambition of making it more editable than basic ACIS solid in AutoCAD, it has been added features like grips editing and user friendly property management.


The grips-editing capabilities require custom objects. Many users will prefer standard ACIS objects once the modeling is complete. That is accomplished by a translator module that converts custom objects to standard ACIS objects. The conversion module requires full ACIS capability and will not run on AutoCAD LT.


The conversion module is easily extended to support new formats.


The price for the hvUnlight source code is $5 000.


Why settle for one?

Buy both hvUnlight and Streamspace Solids for $20 000.



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