This is a Windows based OpenGL application that doesn’t support 4 or 8-bit colormodes.


Streamspace FSM CAD

This application allows you to draw finite state machines. What’s special about it is the code creation command.


Note: The idea came from the brilliant works of Aleksey Gurtovoy and David Abrahams. Check it out at:


Boost MPL:


In order to use the generated code, you will need to download the Boost library ( You will also need a standards conforming C++ compiler.



The above sample generates code very similar to the tape recorder sample at Boost.



Download the setup file and run it to install the application. If your system doesn’t know what to do with it, you’ll have to install a recent version of Microsoft Windows Installer (links at the bottom of the page).


            FSM Setup.msi


Microsoft Windows Installer installations

Depending on your windows version, one of the below may need to be installed:


            Microsoft Windows Installer for Windows 95/98/Me

            Microsoft Windows Installer for Windows NT/2000